Open-Air Preaching
Written in 1892


I have written the following pages with a firm faith in the value of open-air preaching and a strong assurance that its more general adoption will aid the Church in solving some problems of modern life. If the book succeeds in giving an impulse to a wider and wiser use of open-air preaching, I shall feel repaid for my labors.

I use the word preaching in the broad New Testament sense, meaning "any proclamation of Gospel truth, whether brief or protracted, with or without a text, by church officer or private member." The appeal is to laymen as well as ministers.

I desire to express my appreciation of the assistance given me by the Open-Air Mission of London and by its efficient Secretary, Mr. Gawin Kirkham, of the encouragement and counsel of my former instructor, Professor Waldo S. Pratt of Hartford Theological Seminary, and especially of the sympathy and aid coming from my own home.

EDWIN HALLOCK BYINGTON. Brooklyn, N. Y., April, 1892

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