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These books are a great help for the publick minister.

Street Preachers' Manual

I Am Not Ashamed

Rebuking in the Gate

Fragments of Faith

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"And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also." 2Timothy 2:2


Street Preachers' Manual Street Preachers' Manual
A must read for the novice or seasoned publick minister and street preacher.  Covers all major aspects of street work.

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The author has a wide variety of experience in the ministry including pastoring, Bible college teaching, and work in rescue missions, prisons, nursing homes, and among young people.  However, because of the nature of this book, we choose to emphasize his eighteen years of publick ministry experience.   Though other street preachers may have experienced physical harm, arrest, and incarceration in the publick ministry (whether for valid or invalid reasons, God knoweth), this author chose to write this book from the premise of his experience in this field thus far - not having been entangled in such incidents.

With a Bachelor of Divinity and Master of Theology degree, including extensive studies in both Biblical languages, he stresses receiving his education on the street, while ministering the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to folk from all walks of life in every conceivable circumstance.

The author prays that his knowledge and experience in the publick ministry might be communicated to other soldiers, and used to fight a more effective battle against our formidable foes in the last hours of the conflict.

The present ministry of the author involves not only extensive publick ministries on the streets of America, but also instruction and battlefield training of local churches, Bible colleges, and individual foot soldiers in the army of the Lord who wish to learn or improve their publick ministries. His organization is named the "S.W.A.T. Team for Chris International."

You can read the Street Preachers' Manual online

I Am Not Ashamed I Am Not Ashamed
An in depth look at street work and the worker.  This book covers the topic in detail and really gets to the heart of the matter.... "I am not ashamed!"

133 pages, $6.95
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"And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also " (2 Tim. 2:2).

My mother reminded me of this story in my early ministry days.  I was struggling to find my place in the service of the Lord, and at the same time, wondering how the Lord had gotten along so well without my services thus far. One night during the wee hours my mother overheard me praying and telling the Lord that if he didn't soon give me a place of service that I would just go and preach on the streets.  I didn't mean that as a threat, and at that time I couldn't have imagined how the Lord must have smiled as he reviewed his future for my life.  Since then the Lord has given me abundant experience in, and love for, the publick ministry.  As I neared completion of this book I related to my wife that when I finished I would have emptied my brain of my knowledge of publick ministry.  The reader of this book will have the accumulated knowledge of many individual publick ministers, the 22 years of personal experiences by the author and the nectar of Bible knowledge on the subject, gathered by careful scrutiny of the Scriptures.  He will also be able to benefit from the examples of publick ministers both of years past and living today - their mistakes, their blessings and their fruit.  May the Lord add his blessing to the efforts of this author who delights in being associated with better men of the past by choosing to be called simply: "A street preacher."

"Preach the word .. publickly and from house to house."

Rebuking In The Gate Rebuking in the Gate
Hear of the benefits of publick ministry on your community, church, and yourself, from the words of publick ministers across America.

107 pages, $5.95
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In my two earlier books, STREET PREACHER’S MANUAL and I AM NOT ASHAMED, great detail was given to describe all aspects of publick ministry and how to properly engage in it. The weighty, Biblical arguments in favor of this ministry are expounded within these two books as well as modern, state-of-the-art application of publick ministry techniques. This book, Rebuking in the Gate, is a general overview of the subject. It is sort of a 21st century analysis of the publick ministry and the effect this ministry can have upon all who engage themselves in it. This book will also describe the far reaching impact that publick ministry can have either directly or indirectly upon those reached by it. As you will read, the effects of publick ministry are so far reaching that it will affect even into the secular areas of life.

In the researching of this book questionnaires were given to approximately 100 men who have had a good number of years experience in the field of publick ministry. Some are pastors, some full time evangelists, and some hold secular jobs, are members of a local church and have a publick ministry of their own. The gleaning of the wealth of their experience, statistics and general assessment of publick ministry will be leavened throughout this book to the great benefit of the reader.

Reality dictates that in these final days of "American style" Christianity it is unlikely that this book will affect a sudden flooding of the market with emboldened street preachers, but it is my hope that some Christians walking the thin line between lukewarm, popular and acceptable secret discipleship or being a bold publick witness may be pushed to never be ashamed in a publick forum of their saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ because he was not ashamed to die publickly for them.

It is also hoped that this book will provide ammunition and encouragement to those who already enjoy the rich and abundant life of being a publick minister for our Lord Jesus Christ.

Fragments of Faith Fragments of Faith
Hear the firsthand account of "living by faith" and how God honors it in this present world.

75 pages, $8
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Forward to "Fragments of Faith" by Pastor James Knox

Our God delights in blessing His children. Praise His holy name! Our God is faithful to keep His every promise. Glory to His name!

There are many that trust the Lord to take them to heaven when they die. Not so many seem willing or able to trust the Savior to care for them this side of heaven. How sad; not because the needs of such will not be met, for God is faithful, but because such often fail to see that the blessing is not in the provision but in the joy of knowing that GOD provided.

"And there are diversities of operations, but it is the same God which worketh all in all" (1 Corinthians 12:6). In this book you will read the exciting tale of God’s methods of operation in the life of one family that has tried, to the best of their understanding, to live by faith. You will read of timely provision, miraculous intervention, and joyous ends to perilous beginnings. You will read of times then faith was strong and the Lord did not move and times when faith was weak and the Lord made haste. But always, in every instance, the author and the reader will be left to lift their eyes to heaven and declare: "Great is Thy Faithfulness, 0 God my Father!"

As I read this book I remembered many of these incidents as bits in a newsletter, or hurried prayer requests on the telephone. What a thrill to learn, only now, of the details behind those answers to prayer.

This book will challenge you to live by faith. This book will encourage you to pray for the brethren. This book will make you very, very glad that you serve a loving Father.

PREFACE  (Please read this preface)

It has been nearly two thousand years since our Lord, just before leaving this planet, asked the question: "Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?" Luke 18:8. Since this question was never answered, it remains a valid question. The Laodicean church age mentality has waged a vigorous war upon the saints. This mentality is particularly true in America and other socialistic societies where the strong economy and the high standard of living make it quite difficult to live by faith. Some would argue this point, but in order for the average American’s economy to meet the Biblical standard of living-by-faith, they would have to alter the definition of faith in Hebrews 11, as well as compromise the standard set by our spiritual forefathers.

This book, "Fragments of Faith", tells the stories of a few Laodicean pilgrims battling in a credit-poor and security-counterfeited society to gain some ground in the war between the comfortable seductions of this world and the life of faith. These pilgrims do not claim to be foundation stones, pillars or even shingles on the temple of faith, but simply hope that their stories and struggles will serve as an encouragement to the generation ahead who, if this faithless trend continues, face even more formidable foes.

The author holds no "Camelot-hopes" of "the brethren" agreeing with one hundred percent of the principles set forth here. Nor does he vaunt himself above any who may choose to see these principles differently. He only knows what has worked and has been a blessing to these pilgrims for a good span of time during these last days.


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Fragments of Faith
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