The S.W.A.T. Team Defined
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SWAT is an acronym for Special Weapons And Tactics. Our special weapons are the Word of God and Prayer and the special tactics are street preaching and publick* evangelism. To be a little more specific, we use the most powerful of weapons which is the King James Bible which is the perfectly preserved Word of God for our day. The publick preaching and evangelism part of it means simply that we are an open witness for the Lord Jesus Christ 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in all circumstances of life. We truly are not ashamed of the Lord and we try to be an example of this to all other Christians. We do hold regular street meetings which include publick preaching, gospel tract distribution, scripture sign and banner holding, publick reading of the scriptures, giving of testimonies, parade ministry, farmer’s and flea markets, etc. etc. But in between the scheduled street meetings we are a publick witness in our everyday walk of life. What is more unusual is that we believe that Bible teaches that this is the normal course of life for every child of God who has been born again by faith in the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We are more peculiar still in that we live on the road full time by faith practicing what we preach. We live in a 34’ motor home provided out of the riches of His glory by Christ Jesus. We home school our adopted Filipino daughter who has been active on the street with us since she was 13 months old. Our motor home is a very attractive and ostentatious witness for the Lord. It has scripture professionally lettered on three sides and a large picture of the three crosses painted on one side. We tow a conversion van behind which has an electronic message board mounted on the back of it which we have programmed with the salvation message. Many times we are the only witness on the interstate system during the night hours.

Often there is one or more folk travelling with us for training in the field of publick ministry but always there is the three permanent members of the SWAT team for Christ...Gerald, Robin and Mary Bethany Sutek.

We also come into churches and Bible institutes to teach seminars and preach to challenge the Christian to be unashamed of the Lord in the publick forum. Our ministry to churches is most profitable in many ways. We are a unique group who live what they preach and we provide good traditional hymn style music and challenging Bible preaching and instruction which stirs the local church body. We have been on the road doing this work now for 11 years but our individual experience stretches back to 1968.  We have virtually experienced every conceivable circumstance that our dispensation and social times can supply. We have successfully survived hundreds of police encounters with only one arrest to our credit which was a fluke situation which ended in our suing the city of Omaha, NB for a publick apology and winning. We teach folk how to be a publick witness and stay out of jail. Though we do not claim to be experts in legal entanglements involving publick ministry, we do know what has worked very well for thirty years and therefore we are regularly consulted on publick ministry legal matters.

Our experience in this last-days-field-of-ministry has taken us to 49 states and 15 foreign countries world wide. We have ministered on the streets of England, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Germany, Slovakia, Czech, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia (Red Square in front of Lenin’s tomb), Georgia, Philippines, Canada, Mexico and Trinidad. Many of these countries were served in several times and over several years in succession.

We regularly host the National Street Preacher’s Convention which we nickname the "BLITZ". We have had three of these in Washington, DC. but are currently on the west coast in San Francisco. We combine three days of publick ministry seminar which includes teaching and preaching from some of the most experienced publick ministers of our time with three days of on-the-streets ministry by all in attendance. We go to Yuba City/Marysville,  Sacramento, and then all day ministering in San Francisco.  If you would like to attend the West Coast Blitz  you would be given wonderful hospitality in accommodations and meals and transportation. Please contact us at email

There are three current books available on the subject of publick ministry written by Dr. Gerald Sutek who is the "general" of the SWAT team. They are available by calling, toll-free 1-888-KJV-1611. Please ask for the following:

The "Street Preacher’s Manual" is available to read online on this web sight, but the others must be ordered.  Click here for Book Information.

* Gerald Sutek prefers the Cambridge Bible spelling of "publick" with a "k".

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