April - May 1999 Newsletter
and Beale Street Blast Report
"The liberal soul shall be made fat: and he that watereth shall be watered also himself."
Proverbs 11:25


Years of ministering to a voluntary audience inside a brick lampshade (the church building) tends to make DRY ministry and DRY ministers. The showers of blessing can be had in the field of publick ministry where those that water the most are watered the most. This is not just a "cutsie" saying. I associate with both every week of the year and I think that I am in a position to judge righteous judgment. I'll take the publick minister over the camp meeting potato any day.


"Last Saturday after we finished street preaching in the town where I pastor a lady came to us after we prayed to dismiss and go home. She said she was going in the bank, which is across from where we preach, and heard us but when she came out we were gone. She found us around the block and talked awhile. She came to church the next day and she, her husband, teenage son and his friend were saved in our morning service. Four souls as a result of local publick ministry." Most pastors, if they lived in a town like DeFuniak Springs, Fl. would never dream of preaching on the street there.


We hit Whitman College three hard licks this month with representatives from three local churches that we helped train in publick ministry there in Walla Walla, WA. What a blessing to see fruit that remains after you leave town. The last time we preached there the students were expecting us. There was one student who stood right where we usually stand with a make shift sign that read with a perverted, untrue statement and passing out helps for perversion. We remained undaunted in our witness against them. The churches we trained went back the next week and the students were amassed against them but the consistent witness paid off in many earnest inquiries and interest. Knowledge seekers need to learn the truth also. We took Faith Bible Baptist church in out for the first time in downtown Greeley, CO. This was a special blessing because we were blessed to watch pastor Gary Howitt, his daughter and son in law and their son (the pastor's grandson) all doing publick ministry for the first time. Three generations occupying for righteousness. Ministering in Salina, Kansas side by side with Brother Bear was like putting on an old pair of shoes. I am not referring to the smell but rather the comfort. We preached to an open air cafe full of folk enjoying the preaching in busy downtown St Louis, MO. I was flanked by the Chuck Zander family. They are real strong veterans of publick ministry. The city of Cape Girardeau, MO. was shaken when pastor Dick Pringle and his church premiered their street ministry there this month. Introducing churches to publick ministry is a most rewarding part of our ministry. I preached and sang myself completely hoarse at the Beale Street Blast (full report included on separate sheet) in Memphis, TN. I had just a little bit of voice left so we gave it to the tourists at Gatlinburg, TN. Veteran publick minister Ron Cook joined myself and Andrew Dobbin visiting from Northern Ireland. Andrew and his wife Jennifer are dear friends of ours that used their vacation to attend the Beale Street Blast. They were not disappointed.


We were honored to minister in the following churches this past month. Faithline Baptist, pastor Elvon Nelson, Milton Freewater, OR., Temple Baptist, pastor Mike Gilchrist, Richland, WA., Faith Bible Baptist, pastor Gary Howitt, Greeley, CO., Cornerstone Baptist, pastor Calvin Chapman, Laramie, WY., Bethany Baptist, pastor Harold Demoret, WaKeeney, KS., Lighthouse Baptist, pastor David Pringle, Cape Girardeau, MO., Trinity Baptist, pastor Dilbert Terry, Helenwood, TN., and Spring City Baptist, pastor Brent Logan, Cleveland, VA.


Mary Bethany was greeted recently by an old (5 yr. old) friend who gave her a homemade greeting card with a large cut out red heart inside. The card read: "Hi Mary Bethany. I hope you gise have a nuf food and fuel. I hope you had fun where you wer at your kamping trip a rown the world. Love Austin Henry Kentch." Should I be a concerned dad? A 2nd grader wrote a have-to-letter-to-a-missionary to me the other day. After the usual elementary questions he asked: "So, how is the weather around the world?" I wrote an answer back and said: "You asked about the weather around the world...well, it is hot and cold and wet and dry."



The Blitz videos are now available. There is a flyer with all the pertinent information inserted with this newsletter. All profits go to missionaries: one in China and one in Ukraine. The action packed video of the march on Beale St. is being edited and we will keep you informed.

We continue to have need of nothing but your prayer...

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Preaching the gospel on your streets and around the world.
Gerald Sutek
and the S.W.A.T. Team for Christ
2 Tim. 1:8, Amos 5:10



"A time of love and a time of hate; a time of war, and a time of peace." Eccl. 3:8

The king over the children of disobedience did "hunt every man his brother with a net. That they may do evil with both hands earnestly..." Micah 7:2,3 "Multitudes, multitudes" had gathered "in the valley of decision" Joel 3:14. Many had already made their decision prior to this "Memphis in May" giant street party. This being the case, our soldiers of the Lord had convened to "testify against them" Mt. 10:18. We were there both as agents of the gift of God to salvation and to war a good warfare for righteousness. Every year at this time the forces of darkness throng this ten blocks of downtown Memphis, TN. to work the works of the flesh. Open liquor, prostitution, filthy communication, nakedness, sodomy, jealousy, lasciviousness, adultery, fornication, hatred, revelry, blasphemy, lust and many other works of the flesh abound, usually without restraint. There is absolutely no righteous reason for anyone to be on Beale Street except to minister the gospel and occupy for righteousness. The harlot of Proverbs chapter seven is plying her trade at every corner.

In the midst of this "troubled sea" of wicked humanity the street preachers of America mustered 107 soldiers who had understanding of the times to march through the mire and dirt and attempt to bring peace to souls in turmoil and to hide a multitude of sins. We had banners, scripture signs, tracts, Bibles, music and preaching as our non-carnal weapons. We assembled in four ranks spanning the width of the street with twenty five banners forming a colorful, effective wall of witness on both outside ranks. On both Friday and Saturday nights we marched up the middle of the street singing the songs of Zion as the multitudes parted before us like the Red Sea. We marched 25 feet and stopped and preached a powerful man at point. The others kept rank while firing tracts and witnesses into the crowds. There were occasional broadside volley messages coming from within our troops. We continued this blitzkrieg warfare the ten blocks of Beale Street all the way to the river. We showed ourselves strong in battle for our Captain with a good balance of compassion whenever a white flag may appear. The defectors from the enemy camp were treated with tender loving care for we realized that they were not the enemy but only representatives of the enemy much like the German people were not the enemy but representatives of the antichrist Adolph Hitler. One thing is for sure; the patrons and proprietors of sinful Beale Street knew that there had been a prophet among them.

The occasion was the national street preacher's convention at Memphis called the Beale Street Blast. Brothers Ken Lansing, Galen Hall and Dennis Black and their families did a great job of organizing and hosting this event of which the SWAT team was very proud to be a part of. They offered great teaching, preaching, music, food and beautiful accommodations with ample opportunity for all to minister together and individually on the streets of Memphis. Publick ministers gathered from New York, North Carolina, Kentucky, Florida, Alabama, California, Arizona, Texas, North Dakota, Tennessee, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Oklahoma, Indiana and Virginia including my mother and dad who were the senior combatants at the age of 83 and 84. We also had 6 and 7 year old recruits and several teen veterans at 13 through 19. The camaraderie, instruction, exhortation and general sharpening of swords was most worthwhile and the fighting as described above was very strengthening to all.

This is scheduled as an annual event and I would encourage all publick ministers to make their battle plans to include this Beale Street Blast national street preacher's convention in May of 2000. Contact Ken Lansing in Memphis at 901-386-2035.